IOS Game Developers

IOS Game Development

If you’re a game buff like me, then you’ve probably toyed with the idea of creating your own game at some point or other. Every serious gamer wanted to create a game with his idea a few times. The one thing, however, that keeps us from making this more than just an idea is the fact that most of us know little to nothing about programming. In fact, programming games seems like an arcane and exclusive practice that only a few chosen ones will ever partake in.

iPhone games are particularly interesting because something about their game design document and aesthetics just captures the human imagination. So I suppose you wouldn’t mind writing a game for the iPhone or the iPad. Well I’m here to tell you the good news, which is that such games are not only possible to make, but very easily so. And this is no matter what your experience level in programming is! One thing most people don’t seem to understand about the world of programming is that it is easy to learn any programming language and build an app in that language with little to no financial investment. It is even easier to build apps for IOS devices from the comfort of your own home, really useful thing is in game development. You just have to follow a few steps and have a few things in mind.

1. Do You Have A Good Idea

The most crucial part of IOS game development is to actually have a game to develop. If you have an idea for a game, make sure you can write it down and explain in good detail what the game is all about. Is it a match-3 game? Is it a platform game? Is it physics based? What’s the story line or plot of the game? All good games have an engaging plot. How will the levels progress and what kinds of difficulty will your game have? Also, make sure you go through the entire app store and look for a game just like yours so you’re sure you’re not reinventing the wheel.

2. Find A Good Tool To Write The Game In

There are dozens of tools out there to write games with. First, you should be well acquainted with Xcode, Apple’s IDE. You can learn Swift as well, which is Apple’s recommended programming language for creating iPhone game mobile app. There are also lots of tools out there like Flash and other software to help build your games. Some are even drag and drop, meaning you won’t need any knowledge of programming to use them! Once you’ve made your game in these programs, you can then import it into Xcode and run it.

3. Utilize All The Free Resources Out There

You’d be surprised at the number of free IOS game development tutorials out there. If you go to YouTube, for starters, you can learn to build an IOS program from scratch by browsing the many video tutorials there. There are also lots of paid app development courses that go for less than $50, giving you valuable knowledge for a nominal sum.

4. What You Can’t Handle Yourself, Outsource

You shouldn’t be afraid to outsource anything you can’t do to another developer. No one person can be good at everything. While you may have the programming mastered, down to the fundamentals, you might not be so good with the character building and vice versa. Outsourcing saves you a lot of time and money.

5. Give Your Game Adequate Publicity

No matter how great you game is, you’ll still need to tell people about it so they can know about it and play it. Good marketing is possible at the click of a button and isn’t expensive also you can place your news on forums like or some of them is here. You can run Facebook ads, press releases, and even promote the app on your website or blog.

IOS game development is possible for anyone and requires no prior experience to crack. You just need some drive and actual effort and the possibilities are endless.